About Us
            I am a small breeder in northeastern Minnesota close to Lake Superior. I live on a 30 acre hobby farm where I have raised Arabian horses and German Shepherds for 25 years and now I have focused my enthusiasm on the furry little creature, the Chihuahua.
           I am committed to breeding a sound and healthy Chihuahua to the correct breed standard. I also do health testing on my dogs for OFA Cardiac, Patella and Eye Certifications. It is important to me to breed healthy, beautiful Chihuahuas.
          Our Chihuahuas live with us as part of our family. All of our dogs are potty trained to go outside.  They have a big yard to run and play. This environment allows our puppies to be  socialized and well adjusted. They are given a lot of love and they learn a lot from the older dogs.  All of our dogs are very loving and happy.  Everyone gets along well with one another including my female German shepherd, Nala, who is the baby sitter.  Sometimes I think that she thinks she is a Chihuahua.  Occasionally, I have puppies for sale.

Contact me with any questions you may have about Chihuahuas.

Scenes From Skyline Farm